Is there some kind of server maintenance right now?

I could work with photon until approx. 18:30-19:00 CEST, but then PhotonNetwork.ConnectUsingSettings says ClientTimeOut.
I even tried to checkout a previous commit, but I still get this error.


  • Am also experiencing this, is good to know I'm not alone and reassures me its intermittent
  • At least Photon should print something on their status page...
    in here, for example.
    Or into their non-existent Twitter account, because they did something bad in there... O.o
  • Ah yes, I've been on the bad-side of downtime before, can imagine they're not having a lot of fun either right now too!
  • I'm not sure if you're seeing the same as us, I'm getting "PhotonNetwork.ConnectUsingSettings says ClientTimeOut" too - but the server is able to hold around 10CCU but after that nobody else can join it
  • I'm not sure about the 10 CCU, I don't know how to test.
  • Ah, ours seems back up and running now, hope yours returns to normal again soon!