High Pitched Voices


For around the first minute of my game after switching scenes the player voices are all very high pitched and low quality sounding. This fixes itself after about a minute, is there anything I can do?

I am on the latest version of PUN2 and Photon Voice.


  • JohnTube
    JohnTube ✭✭✭✭✭
    Hi @Dknighter,

    What Photon Voice 2 version do you use?
    What is the Recorder settings? especially Photon microphone type...
    Do you use WebRtcAudioDsp component next to the Recorder? what settings do you enable there?

    Does this happen in Unity Editor (which version btw?) or in build?
    What is the target platform?
    Does this happen on all machines/devices/clients?
  • Hey,

    This is no longer happening and I have changed nothing so I assume it was due to the server lagging but I will explain it anyway.

    I am using v2.21
    I am using the Unity microphone type since the Photon one was very low quality when I tried it.
    This is for Windows, almost all of the users are using Windows 10.
    This happens in editor and in build and happens to everyone.

    Here is a screenshot of my settings.
  • Just an update on this. It still happens and seems random as it doesn't happen every time.
  • JohnTube
    JohnTube ✭✭✭✭✭
    Hi @Dknighter,

    any repro steps?
    Is there a pattern for the affected clients?
    any hints?
    did by any chance this happen to a streamer and it got recorded?
  • It seems to be random and is happening to everyone. It happens for about 10 seconds then fixes itself. I will ask people to record when it happens and get you some videos of it.
  • I'm experiencing this issue as well. Photon Voice v2.21 targeting Android / Oculus Quest 2. It looks to happen when you cause some kind of resource spike, such as entering and exiting passthrough while someone is speaking. It feels like it's speeding up playback to catch up to real time. If possible, I'd almost prefer to just drop bits of audio and jump ahead than to try to catch up with this pitch change.
  • JohnTube
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    Hi @imrsd_anthony,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    Hi @Dknighter,

    Please find here a new version of Photo Voice 2 to be used to test a fix for the playback issue.
    This version is not final and may change before release.


    try it out to see if issue remains.
    if issue persists try changing PlaybackDelaySettings from Speaker or globally via VoiceConnection.
    this can happen from Editor or via code.

    More about the fix:

    We have changed the resampling step when playback delay is too high, reduced to 1 used to be 3.
    Default maximum delay threshold before we decide to stop resampling was 3000ms now it's 1000.

    The currently used delay value:
    (1) PlayDelayMs (GlobalPlaybackDelay) is considered the lowest bound of target delay: the audio player tries to keep the delay above this value.
    This is now available via PlaybackDelaySettings.MinDelaySoft.

    And to fine tune things, we have added a couple of parameters to adjust playback delay:

    (2) high (MaxDelaySoft): upper bound of target delay: audio player tries to keep the delay below this value.
    (3) max (MaxDelayHard, 'cap limit'): audio player guarantees that the delay never exceeds this value.

    Playback behaviour:

    a. While the delay is between 1 and 2, nothing happens.
    b. if it's between 2 and 3, data is resampled to catch up with the input stream.
    c. When the delay > 3, it's just set to target value (the average of 1 and 2, default is (200 + 400) / 2 = 300).


    - 0 <= MinDelaySoft
    - MaxDelaySoft > MinDelaySoft
    - if MaxDelayHard <= MaxDelaySoft: in this case no resampling will happen.

    We are still trying to figure out how to expose those new delay settings from the high level Unity API/components.
  • Hello, have been facing the same issue but, did a number of iterative tests

    1. In Photon Microphone Type, facing Hight Pitch Issue, No Echo issue
      1. It only happens on Samsung A22 4G android 12
      2. When earphones are on , sound become normal, when I remove earphones again pitch increases
      3. Works well On other phones and HP Victus 16 Laptop (but may cause issue on other devices as it does on my device)
    2. In Unity Microphone Type, facing Echo Issue, pitch of sound in normal
      1. Facing echo even I put earphones, tested with my friends
    3. Any solution I can have plz...
  • You can try Unity Microphone Type and WebRtcAudioDsp software audio processor to get rid of the echo.