One of the clients in a room chat can't the other

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I'm building a scape room with 2 players and one needs to talk with the other through a voice chat. I'm currently using Photon Voice 2.

The problem occurs sporadically when the 2 players enter the room and only one of them seems to not be able to detect the remote voice stream from the other, so it doesn't create a remote speaker. As a result, just one of the players can be heard.

Does anyone have a similar problem? Am I doing Something wrong? There is no crash or error message.


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    Hi @Tayná,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    What Photon Voice 2 version is this?

    First make sure clients are joined to the same room (Lobby, GameId), connected to the same server (Region) and connected to the same virtual app (AppId, AppVersion).
    See Matchmaking Checklist.

    You can increase logs (of all components) and look for warnings or other.

    If you use PUN 2 integration with Photon Voice 2; you could also make use of VoiceDebugScript (simply call VoiceDebugScript.CantHearYou on the person (GameObject with PhotonView/PhotonVoiceView) that cannot be heard).
  • Hi @JohnTube,

    I'm using the latest version of photon voice, v2.21. The first time the chat room is created everything is ok. Players connected, the audio stream can be heard from both sides. The problem is when the Master player leaves the room and rejoin the match. Once this happens, the old master can't hear the player that stays and became the new master. Even tho the log shows that both of them are being detected in the same room.
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    Hi @Tayná,

    The issue is not clear.
    Photon Voice does not handle master clients in any special way.
  • I've been testing with different devices and android versions. Devices with Android 8 have some errors in common. They are the ones that don't give microphone feedback.

    They return this:
    2020/10/23 17:27:18.152 14327 14381 Error IAudioFlinger createRecord returned error -1
    2020/10/23 17:27:18.152 14327 14381 Error AudioRecord createRecord_l(-481296384): AudioFlinger could not create record track, status: -1
    2020/10/23 17:27:18.153 14327 14381 Error AudioRecord-JNI Error creating AudioRecord instance: initialization check failed with status -1.
    2020/10/23 17:27:18.153 14327 14381 Error Error code -20 when initializing native AudioRecord object.
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    Hi Tayná,
    Please check if audio recording permission is added in manifest.
    The issue is discussed here: