Is this actually per each room or average over all rooms?

Like If I have two rooms with one room hitting 600 msg/s and another - 60 msg/s:
a) Average is 660/2 = 330 and I am OK
b) First room is more than 500 and this is not ok?


  • Hi @ufnv.

    The 500msg/s limit exists for multiple reasons:
    a) To keep the amount of traffic (which strongly correlates with the amount of messages per second) reasonable and save you from unexpected high traffic overage fees.
    b) To ensure that clients are not getting overloaded with more messages than they can handle. Especially low-end mobile clients might run into trouble keeping up with processing all received messages if you bombard them with too many messages. Desktop clients normally can handle a lot more than 500 msg/s, but this depends a lot on how expensive your game logic is.

    For a) only the average across all rooms is relevant. For b) the max value of each individual room is relevant.

    That said we don't technically enforce the limit, but only observe the average msg/s per room and if an app is considerably above the limit and has relevant amounts of CCU, we might contact the developer of that app to talk with them about options. In extreme cases a developer might need to subscribe to an Enterprise plan so that his app runs on dedicated servers and it's high resource consumption does not interfere with apps of other developers.
    In less extreme cases we usually just warn you that you might cross the included amount of traffic per CCU and would have to pay overage fees.
    When you are only slightly above the limit, we might also just ignore it.

    For all this only the average is relevant, but keep in mind that in cases like 9 rooms with 50msg/s each + 1 room with 4500msg/s it is strongly recommended that you test that your clients are actually able to handle such a high amount of messages.
  • Ok, thanks!

    I am asking the question because I see the "Msg/s per Room" statistics changes depending on the number of rooms/CCU.
    I was under impression that this is tracked per room, so did all I can to keep it low (currently about 54 for 70 rooms / 180 CCU).