Where to start?

Hi there,

I'm a total newbie in creating multiplayer games with unity, but I'd like to create one for iOS using gamecenter. Some people recommended me the Photon Network Engine, that's why I'm here, but I feel a bit overwhelmed.
Where should I start learning it? Are there any good tutorials for beginners?

I heard that if I use GameCenter multiplayer, apple hosts it on their servers. As I see, there's a solution at photon to host the games at photon servers. Where do I host it then?

Thank you.


  • I'm not sure if GameCenter does the actual gameplay. Afaik, it's a service to match gamers, not to host them or to exchange data. This is what Photon does.
    So a combination of GameCenter and Photon makes sense: GC has friends lists and matches you, Photon transports the actual game data.

    I can't really provide a sample to integrate GameCenter but there is some help to learn Photon:
  • ok, thanks