PhotonView objects briefly visible before being destroyed.

I have a game where the master creates a room and enters it. Other players that enter after a while see all the other players for a brief moment, before they disappear (destroyed). This does not happen all the time. Sometimes it all works without an issue.

Then the client who just joined gets this warning over and over (with different IDs)
Received OnSerialization for view ID 17004. We have no such PhotonView! Ignored this if you're joining or leaving a room. State: Joined

Received RPC "TI" for viewID 1002 but this PhotonView does not exist! Was remote PV. Owner called. By: #01 'player1' Maybe GO was destroyed but RPC not cleaned up.

The master creates the room and then loads into it :

Then the clients join the room :

The objects that gets destroyed are created by PhotonNetwork.Instantiate

Please let me know where to start looking.

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