PunTurnManager reloading a scene.


I've been looking and trying to use PunTurnManager to make a small game.

I created a small project that consists of a scene with ConnectAndJoinRandom and a SceneLoaderDetector component.

This component takes care of instantiating a GameManager component ( local ) that network-instantiates the player and the PunTurnManager when the scene changes.

The master client has a button to begin the first turn but the problem is that when it is clicked... the scene is unloaded and loaded again on clients.

I've been testing a while and it happens whenever the turn is finished and another begins.

The SceneLaoderDetector uses the SceneManager.OnLoadScene events and it ends up instantiating another player.

There's no more code and Scenes aren't changed in my code. But I don't see PunTurnManager changing it either.

Does anyone know if Pun reloads scenes on some cases, like changing room properties?

Any clue to hunt down this issue?
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