Construct 3 photon.c3addon Cannot read property 'ConnectionProtocol' of undefined

edited October 2020 in JavaScript and TypeScript
I'm trying to make multiplayer work, in the test project.
Im using Construct 3 and photon.c3addon (

When I export project to html and upload it to the server its working fine (

But when I export it to the Desktop nodejs application it doesn't work.

In console I see error:
Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property 'ConnectionProtocol' of undefined
at new PhotonInstance (28f41174-bad8-4c57-99ec-e625e0538980:176)
at Function.New (jsutil.js:9)
at Instance._CreateSdkInstance (instance.js:7)
at ObjectClass._CreateSingleGlobalInstance (objectClass.js:12)
at new ObjectClass (objectClass.js:7)
at Function.New (jsutil.js:9)
at Function.Create (objectClass.js:7)
at C3Runtime._LoadDataJson (runtime.js:28)
at C3Runtime.Init (runtime.js:21)
at async InitRuntime (c0f29e65-1153-4271-a7be-e4d4e496c719:4)


  • Hi mate, Nadeeke here. Can I have your Skype or email? I'd like to have a chat as I've got potentially quite a bit of Construct work to do. nadeeke (at) is my email