Unity Error error CS0117: 'Extensions' does not contain a definition for 'ToStringFull'

I'm getting an error when trying to import Pun 2 Free to my Unity project. It will give me the error: error CS0117: 'Extensions' does not contain a definition for 'ToStringFull' I've tried for so long and if anyone can give me any help that would be very much appreciated. Thanks


  • You most likely figured this out already but if anyone else is stuck on the issue: it happens when there's already a class named "Extensions" in your project. In my case there was an Extensions class that came with Lightshaft's Youtube plugin. To fix, simply just double click on the error to open where it is in code and change Extensions.ToStringFull to be Photon.Realtime.Extensions.ToStringFull.

    If you know where the duplicate Extensions class is, you could instead move it into a namespace so it doesn't conflict with anything else in the future.