Is there a way to save all game data (PhotonViews, PRCs, Events) to replay the game later?


We're trying to implement a "replay" feature to allow players to share replays of exciting games that can be viewed later.

We're hoping to get the complete game data in a large string (or JSON) - which would be about 200KB per game, according to our calculations - upload it to our custom server, download it when a player wants to watch the replay, and replay the complete game with dummy-actors. We have the upload and download part figured out, the problem is just getting the game data and replaying it.

Is there a way to get the data of all OnSerialize calls from custom PhotonViews, all RPCs and all Events along with the timestamps? How would we replay the game?

Thanks in advance,


  • EDIT: I should probably clarify that we're using Photon PUN and have written custom PhotonViews (using the OnPhotonSerializeView method).

    Any help will be appreciated,
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