Network Instantiating Client Objects Multiple Times

I have a room created that will load two players into a scene. The scene will instantiate a player object for each player, this all works correctly, however the next part is where I am not getting the expected functionality:

The player object, once entering the screen, needs a camera, and for various reasons, this camera's transform needs to be networked as well. The player object will instantiate (using PhotonNetwork.Instantiate) a networked camera object, and then map several properties of the camera object onto the player so the character controller works correctly. This all works correctly for the master client who creates the room and starts the game, however the client who joins the room, when the next level is loaded, will instantiate the player object, and the camera object, but then both players will instantiate another camera.

this seems to be the closest thing I can find to my issue, but I don't understand what is triggering it still.


  • So do you have some sort of RoomManager that takes care of this or is this a script on your player that instantiates the camera? I think your problem might be because your users is instantiating his own camera but there might be another script that will instantiate a new camera for the same user. Can't say for sure though.
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