JoinRandomRoom is not calling any callback

Hey guys,

I'm taking the basics tutorial, currently I finished 4 - Game Manager & Levels. My code is exactly the same of the tutorial. However, when I use `JoinRandomRoom()`, it returns True but doesn't callback neither `OnJoinedRoom` and neither `OnJoinRandomFailed`. When I use `CreateRoom`, it works.

Am I miss something? Have someone facedthe same error? Thanks for your help! :)


  • JPGOrdon
    edited October 2020
    Are you sure you correctly setup your callbacks? I would use the documentation.
  • Hej

    I have the same problem. I did look at the documentation but found it not helpful in this case. I must admit this is my first attempt creating a network game. Some more advice on this would be highly appreciated

  • Somehow, I made this part working. I reread the tutorial and did some changes to my code (I forgot the method for OnDisable in the PlayerManager. Now my only problem is that the camera doesn't follow the right Player.