Movement works fine, but falling from jumping or root motion has jittering

I have the movement working perfectly well with no jittering, but when I jump, on the way down i get jittering. Also, anytime I use root motion even with the state.animControllers root motion turned on it jitters forward trying to replicate the animations root motion. I'm using the advanced tutorials playerMotor as well as the tutorials playerInput sscript code. Any reason just falling from the jump causes jittering? Jumping up seems smooth. I have no root animations in the jump and I've tried disabling all animations just to double check. Let me know if you need to see any of the code.


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    I also forgot to mention, the jitter is only on the client-side. The server-side always runs perfectly.
  • Turns out that turning off root motions on both the animator and the state.Animator.applyRootMotion gets rid of the jitters even without any animations using root motion. How should I approach having bolt simulate root motions without being able to enable these options? I've read over the root motion script, but it seems like I already am using what was suggested.
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