Help, Parties and teams on matchmaking

I'm trying to see how I can create a matchmaking that takes into account the number of players and their assigned team when I have to join a game being 2 or more people in the party.

That is, once within the game the teams are divided into two 5vs5 teams, (red team and blue team), if I join whit a friend in which for example a room there are only 4 players, I can manually assign that one team is 4 people and the other 2 (to keep my friend and I on the same team), but if I join a game in which there are only 2 slots left, it would end up being a 4vs6 or a 5vs5 , but my friend and I would not be on the same team, I want to avoid both things .

So, any idea of how in the matchmaking I can take into account the members that we are in the party and the distribution of the teams?

Thank you, Sry for my english


  • Xtrem1714Xtrem1714
    edited August 2020
    I find a interesting post from 2016 of someone who wants do exatcly I want. Seems Photon doesnt support parties 2016,¿now supports it?

    I imagine, the answer is unfortunately no, so, if I use a intern logic to search other room to try to find a room whit the enought slots on the same team for my party, how I can prevent to try to join to the same room every time?, because if im in correct photon tries to join to the oldest room alive.

    This is the post from 2016;
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