Help, Parties and teams on matchmaking

I'm trying to see how I can create a matchmaking that takes into account the number of players and their assigned team when I have to join a game being 2 or more people in the party.

That is, once within the game the teams are divided into two 5vs5 teams, (red team and blue team), if I join whit a friend in which for example a room there are only 4 players, I can manually assign that one team is 4 people and the other 2 (to keep my friend and I on the same team), but if I join a game in which there are only 2 slots left, it would end up being a 4vs6 or a 5vs5 , but my friend and I would not be on the same team, I want to avoid both things .

So, any idea of how in the matchmaking I can take into account the members that we are in the party and the distribution of the teams?

Thank you, Sry for my english
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