Instantiating PREFABS

Hello.... following a tutorial on youtube, I made the right steps, until I decided to add some personal modifications to the tutorial code, but I can't make it work.

In the tutorial there was an unique "PhotonPlayer" (A cube) but I wanted to add more selectable characters.
PhotonNetwork.Instantiate(Path.Combine("PhotonPrefabs", "1"), transform.position, Quaternion.identity, 0);

If I have just one Prefab (named "1" in this example) it works. If I add other prefabs (named "2" and "3") in the right folder, without touching my code at all ... the "1" prefab does not spawn/Instantiate.

If I remove other prefabs in the folder ... it works again.

Where Am I wrong? I'd like to choose character to spawn but here stops working even before coding ....

thanks for your help!


  • Anything logged in the console? Errors?
    Which version of PUN do you use?

    Are the prefabs in a "Resources" (sub)folder?
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