[Question] Photon Cloud Persistant room ?

For first, sorry my poor english, i m french .
i have buy thoton cloud for some tests. and i have one question.
All new connected need choose one server in list or create one.
thats possible to make one presistant room ?
( when the gamer connect, he is add to the presistant room automaticly )

thx for answer for help me.
Have nice day.


  • There are no persistent rooms unless you host clients that create and keep rooms alive permanentely (for example a counterpart to a dedicated server in an FPS game)
  • Hi stigma,

    the Photon Cloud automatically closes all rooms, where no players are in (i.e. no clients are connected to). So persistant rooms are not allowed.

    I would suggest, you define a default name which is known to all of your clients. So when 'the gamer' connects and the default-named room is not present, he creates it. And if he connects and the default-named room is present, he simply joins it.
    This way you could have the illusion of a persistant room. How ever, the default roomname must be available. If a room with this name already exists, you can not create it. When joining your room you should make sure, that it is not someone elses room (someone, who chose your default-name for his room by accident).

    Hope I could help.

  • Hello Dreamora , Tim ,
    Thx for your answer. i just start with unity, and Photon too.
    I try your tips with roomname for illusion.
    have nice day.