Voice really low in oculus quest


I have followed instructions from photon voice https://doc.photonengine.com/en-US/voice/current/getting-started/voice-for-pun and the voice connection can be set between two players. When I test with my desktop, everything seems good but when I switch to the oculus quest, I can still hear from another player but

1 The voice is quite slow compared to what I have heard in my desktop even I have adjusted the volume in quest to max
2. After I use amplifier and set it to 5 the voice quality drops down and there are clips and drops between voice transmission.

My voice quality settings are:
Frame Duration: Frame 20ms
Sampling Rate: Sampling 48000
Bitrate: 30000

So I am wondering why voice volume will be too low in quest, is it normal? And how can I improve the voice quality since I can only find these three parameters would affect voice quality.

If you need more information please tell me, thanks in advance!