Error with PhotonView when testing multiplayer game with standalone builds

In my waiting room scene before an online match starts in my online multiplayer game, I get this error "PhotonView with ID 1 has no (non-static) method "RPC_UpdateTeams" marked with the [RunRPC](C#) or @PunRPC(JS) property! Args: String[], String[]". I do have this method however and it is marked with RunRPC , and I use PhotonView pView = GetComponent<PhotonView>(); plus the method is in the same script as the pView.RPC call for the method. The object the script is attached to is a scene object.

Everything works fine when I run the code on the Unity editor, but as soon as I use the standalone build to connect to the waiting room it tries to run this method and throws the error. I also tried joining the waiting room with the standalone build first and then the Unity editor and the same error occurs, except the standalone build is now working and the editor is not, Basically after one other person joins I get this error, so is this a problem with the PhotonView ID being assigned to the player who isn't the masterclient/original player? Does the object the script is attatched to need to not be scene object?

I am new to Photon and would apprecaiate getting a better understanding of how this error could have occured in this way
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