Chained filter matchmaking


I'm trying that sql lobby type.
It works fine if I use single filter, but it doesn't if I use chained filters like that:
"C0 BETWEEN 1500 AND 3500;C0 BETWEEN 500 AND 4500"
If C0 is between 1500 and 3500, client successfuly joins the room, but it doesn't if C0 == 4000 for example.
I believe there is something wrong with my filter, maybe I should use another separator for example?


  • Djebedia
    edited July 2020
    After a small investigation I've found the following method on the master currently running on my server:
    public string FindMatch(string query)
                var command = new SQLiteCommand(this.sqlConnection);
                command.CommandType = System.Data.CommandType.Text;
                command.CommandText = "SELECT Id FROM Game WHERE " + query + " LIMIT 1";
                return (string)command.ExecuteScalar();

    Wich means it doesn't support chained filters, right?
    Is this a new feature? or kind of?
  • Hi @Djebedia,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    This feature is part of Photon Server v5 or Photon Cloud.
  • @JohnTube, oh, I see, thank you