Wait for players whilst IsMessageQueueRunning is false

From what I understand, setting IsMessageQueueRunning = false prevents ANY messages being sent, including events like OnPlayerEnteredRoom.

How then can I resolve a situation whereby I want clients to only enter a room once there are at least two players? The first player will not be informed of a second player joining due to OnPlayerEnteredRoom not being called but I also need IsMessageQueueRunning to be false, so that I don't receive previously used InstantiateSceneObject's whilst on a loading screen.

I can't use automaticallySyncScene = true because my scenario is that a player can join a non full room at any point, yet I also don't want just 1 player to be in a room on their own. Essentially I want to join a room but not receive Instantiate events and RPCs until the playerList.count > 2 but the fact that IsMessageQueueRunning blocks the playerList from updating, I cannot do this.

Is this a case for having two message queues, one for RPCs and Instantiates and one for Room entered events, or am I missing something?
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