Run in Background issue

Hi Guys,
Currently, I am making a game in which 4 players can join a room.
Each player has some timer for his turn which he/she has to make their move....once the move is completed, I am using Photon Event system to replicate each player move in all other devices...But the problem occurs when one of the players goes into Background, we lose photon connection so the turn end event is not called on the connected devices, hence making the game look like it is stuck...Can anyone suggest me solution for this.?


  • Its not clear to me from your question what the exact scenario is, but it sounds like when a player goes into the background, no messages are being sent, which is actually expected behaviour as you can't presume that anything will be sent after the backgrounding happens.

    If the player resumes from background, the messages should have been queued and still be sent so long as it doesn't exceed the PlayerTTL setting for a room. But if a player has left a room or disconnected then there is no way of getting those messages.

    If you could give more information about your specific scenario then it would be easier to give more specific advice
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