How to deal with one of multiple clients not receiving an RPC call for whatever reason.

I'm curious as to what the best practice would be for something like this.

Say you were making a networked checkers game with spectators. The game has two players and a spectator.
Player A goes to move his piece from board space A to board space B and he communicates this to everyone else by sending an RPC.
What is the best way to ensure that all players received the RPC before making the move?
What do you do if Player A and the spectator get the RPC but Player B is having connection issues?

Thanks :)


  • Going to bump this. Not sure if I gave enough information or if that's just something you live with when dealing with RPCs
  • Hi @Jesse,

    There is no particular approach or solution for this.
    You can use an ACKnowledgment RPC in the other way around.
    You can use actor or room properties to sync rounds/turns.
    You can send buffered RPC to make sure they are sent if actor leaves/disconnects temporarily.
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