destroying scene view gameobject (pun 1.9)


I have a bonus in my scene, this bonus has PhotonView attached to it.
When I try

I get the following error:
Cannot call Destroy(GameObject go); on the gameobject "Bonus_Shovel" as it was not instantiated using PhotonNetwork.Instantiate.

I use PUN 1.9

What is the correct way to destroy gameobjects owned by the scene? Should I update to 1.14.2?



  • The correct way would be to send an RPC that uses the regular Destroy
    As it was not instantiated by Photon, it didn't set it up on the other ends either so your own code is required to destroy it again as only you know what you need to destroy along it in such a case
  • I think the initial issue is cleared...
    But: Yes, you should update to PUN 1.14. It has a lot of improvements and fixes and if you keep up to date, you won't have to first update if something goes wrong.