PUN Asteroids demo not working correctly

I downloaded and imported PUN into a clean Unity project and checked out the demos. However, it seems that the asteroid one is not working and I can't understand why. The players are spawning, but they can't die when they hit an asteroid, and they also don't get points for anything. I debugged the game and it turned out that
is always returning false, so for example code in
that would destroy the ship after the collision is never called.
Am I missing something here?
Thanks for the help.


  • emotitronemotitron ✭✭
    We did just make major changes to IsMine and caching for it, but one of the tests we conducted was the Asteroids Demo - so that is odd. I'll first try to recreate the problem here. Do you have the very latest Pun2? (2.19.2), there were some quick fixes released to 2.19.
  • Yeah, I have 2.19.2. Now I've checked and IsMine is working fine in PunBasics Tutorial.
  • emotitronemotitron ✭✭
    It was a fix in 2.19.2 that just moved the break elsewhere...

    Try this:

    PhotonNetwork.cs line 2504ish

    view.SetOwnerInternal(parameters.creator, parameters.creator.ActorNumber);

    view.ownershipCacheIsValid = PhotonView.OwnershipCacheState.Invalid;
  • That did the trick! Thanks so much!
  • emotitronemotitron ✭✭
    It will be in the next release. Thanks for catching that!
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