Custom Server operations w/ PUN?


I was just wondering what the best / recommended way to send/receive messages from the photon server that aren't RPCs for other clients?
I know without PUN you'd use OpCustom, which is simple enough, I was just wondering if there's an equivalent wrapped method in PUN that I'm not finding?


  • dreamora
    edited May 2012
    with pun you would do the same, the underlying core is the same, just modify it (PUN is completely present in source form) for your needs, exposing an easy to use function potentially for your custom op. thats what we did too

    PUN itself does not have this feature and will not get it I guess as it is targeted at working with the cloud and the cloud explicitely forbids any server side code modification
  • Ok thanks, already started doing that just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something :)