Local Server Hosting Question

I recently discovered Photon Cloud and Server services and have been checking it out.
It seems to be quite great and I would very much like to switch from Unity Networking to Photon Networking solution but there's one thing that stopped me from doing it so far.

As far as I understand, there's no way for the players to host their own servers locally, if their computers aren't connected to the internet.
In my current project it is quite a deal breaker, since I want players to be able to host "LAN Parties" without an active internet connection.

Is it possible for players to host their own servers or "rooms" without an active internet connection (I would also prefer to avoid using Unity and Photon Networking at the same time.) and if 'yes' then where do I look for more detailed information on how to implement that?


  • dreamora
    Its possible to request a special license that allows 20 CCU without the server needing to be verified against the ExitGames machines which is what you want. Best you contact the support directly on this, you might be able to negotiate a suitable deal for you.

    But beyond that its not possible as photon is a central server network architecture where you license every single server machine and application using Photon, so you wouldn't really want to offer it to the client as you would pay hundreds of dollars per machine on which they want to run it.

    aso keep in mind that they will need to install and host the photon server themself then at their lan (that being said, real lan parties without internet connection shouldn't exist anymore, at latest no longer since BF3 and SC2 do not offer lan play at all anymore nor do League of Legend or will Diablo 3)