Photon Cloud + Epic Online Services

Please tell me whether it is possible to use photon cloud as a shell, and all the functions, such as the lobby or the selection of opponents from the Epic Online Service or only a part of the list, which are thankful in advance.


  • Kaiserludi
    Kaiserludi admin
    edited June 2020
    Hi @Greomlin.

    I am not sure if I understand you correctly.
    You want your code to call Photon Client APIs and the Photon Client should then under the hood use the Epic Online Service instead of using Photon?
    Did I get that right?

    No, that is not possible.

    Why do you want to do that?

    Or do you want to re-implement the APIs of Epic Online Service, but use Photon under the hood in your implementation? That is possible for all features of Epic Online Service for which Photon offers an equivalent.