A little confused with photon cloud

I am using unity3d and have followed photon cloud since open beta. It seems like a really interesting technology and was really easy to set up. One question I have which pops up sometimes is the question of preventing bad data being sent to the other clients. I am downloading the bootcamp demo(have only made small demos where 2 cubes shot other cubes and such) , and will look through the code but I am curious if this is doable or needed for simple mulitplayer games? I know it has been said to prevent cheating, it is best to use the photon dedicated self hosted solution, but does cloud have anything close to a prevention system? Or is is possible to build a system into my game? I am wondering because i would really like to use photon cloud, and would like a better understanding of it.



  • Photon Cloud does nothing but relay your messages and organize your room in a machine efficient way.
    Anything else is up to you and your client & master client to handle, including cheat detection and prevention
  • Dreamora is right: In-game, the Photon Cloud does not use any of the passed data - it just forwards events from one player to the others in the same room. It's currently not extensible.
    If you can't cope with bad data on the client side, there is the option to host Photon yourself. The same loadbalancing logic is available in the Server SDK and that is built to be extended and modified at will.
    What you need to host: http://doc.exitgames.com/v3/overview/requirements