[POSSIBLE BUG] Server files corrupted when zipping and unzipping after extracting from original EXE

I have a major game-breaking issue regarding the server files that are extracted from the "photon-server-sdk_v4-0-29-11263.exe" file provided by PhotonEngine website.

These are the steps I take and probably also steps to reproduce:
  1. Extract the server SDK from "photon-server-sdk_v4-0-29-11263.exe" file.
  2. Zip the files together with game files.
  3. Uploaded Game ZIP to Google Drive
  4. Downloaded Game ZIP on target PC
  5. Extract Game ZIP on target PC
  6. Launch Game
  7. Try to start server on target PC
  8. Observe CMD launch notifying that Photon Loadbalancing is starting.
  9. Nothing happens.
  10. Restart Game and try again.
  11. Observe CMD launch again but Game never connects to server.
  12. Download "photon-server-sdk_v4-0-29-11263.exe" on TARGET PC
  13. Extract Server SDK on TARGET PC directly.
  14. Restart Game and try again.
  15. Everything is working now.

Why is this happening? Why is it that when I extract the EXE on another PC, Zip the server SDK with my Game and moving it to the target PC, the server files seems to be corrupted? But when extracting the Server SDK EXE on the Target PC, everything works?


  • hi, @FadiB
    yeah, possible there is some bug, but it does not relate to our stuff

    we did use zips and other did too and everything was just working fine.

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