How to synchronize instantiated objects Photon Unity Networking

I have this object in my scene which spawns in toilet paper when I press E, at the point where my cursor is faced. It works PERFECTLY, for one client...
I use InstantiateSceneObject because that's what people told me to do, and it's in an empty object getting in position and rotation from the client spawning, and instantiating it. This only works for the master client.
How would it be possible to send it from the not-master client to the master client so I could actually spawn from all clients?
(And) how do I make it so not only the master client can control the toilet paper? The master client can move the toilet paper and it syncs to both clients, but if the other clients move the toilet paper, it will move on their client, but reset as the master client moves it. This is insanely annoying and I have no idea what to do anymore...
Please help!
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