learning about photon server

Google translate is my friend

Hello everyone, I have been using Pun for two years and now I am very interested in the technology that photon server offers, the official documentation seems too scarce to learn everything that this technology encompasses, someone knows if there is an online course on photon server? How can I streamline my learning with this technology?

It has always been easier for me to learn with a video than by reading a few pages of the documentation, I think this covers a much broader spectrum than that shown in the documentation (to which I have to say that over time it has improved quite).

On the other hand, in case there is no solution for my questions, where do you recommend to start? i have never worked with .net, but if i have done it with c # in unity, maybe i should start with .net before entering photon server?

I am very interested in learning this technology, but I find it complex without a voice to tell me why all those magic functions.


  • up!
  • hi, @Rivax95

    if you waits for some pieces of advise from our (exit games) side, we do not have any links. Use google, bing, yahoo they should help

    if you want to start basing on LoadBalancing, we recommend to start using plugins SDK. After/during getting how it works you will slowly get into details of LoadBalancing implementation and how it works on sever side.

  • hey @Rivax95,

    As my colleague @chvetsov mentioned we recommend Plugins.
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