How to check the loading completion of all users

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Hello Sir.

I ran synchronized thin loading, and I checked that it worked perfectly. But they do 'start' at the same time, but 'completed' does not end at the same time. There are various devices used by the user. Therefore, even if thin loading is started at the same time, the completion time is different.

Someone who has finished loading must wait for the user to finish loading in the future. Doesn't Photon support this situation? Am I being stupid about this kind of 'waiting time'?

Photon is most curious about thin sink, about whether there's something that guarantees that you start the scene at the same time, except for network latency, and if you don't have that method, I'd like you to give me some advice on how to solve this problem.

I've searched for this problem, but no one is curious about it. No precedent found.

It's hopeless.

Help me Please. and have a nice day sir.
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