Ouclus quest running slow while using Photon voice

I'm using photon voice in a game that made with unity. It works well in PC, but on Oculus quest ,It runs slowly. I check the profile in unity, and find out it was caused by "VoiceConnection.LateUpdate() [Photon Voice]: SendOutgoingCommands". Does anybody know the solution to the problem?


  • And the Photon voice version is v2.16
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    Hi @yyc,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    What Unity version is this?

    This is not a problem specific to Photon Voice.
    We use the same approach in most Photon Unity SDKs.
    We call SendOutgoingCommands periodically in LateUpdate.
    In Photon Voice 2 we do it in VoiceConnection, in PUN 2 we do it in PhotonHandler.
    You could change the updateInterval in Unity Editor via VoiceConnection's inspector.
    by default it's 50ms.

    That's the method we use to send all messages to the server from the client.
    Do you use the Voice client for other custom logic? other than default built-in voice stream?
    Feel free to suggest a solution for this.
    SendOutgoingCommands needs to be called periodically.
    If you have a better approach on when or where it needs to be called let us know.
  • HI, thank you for your support!
    We know how it works from the docs. And we do see the SendOutgoingCommands in PhotonHandler too. It sometimes takes some cpu usage. But it will not make the app unplayable as the one in VoiceConnection.
    We didn't use Voice client for any other logic. It's just the default built-in voice stream.
    Is it something related to the internet situation? A low network speed will stuck all the commands? We are using wired network for pc and wifi network for quest.

    Sorry for the bad English.

  • Our unity version is 2019.3.4f1.