How to spawn in objects that doesn't disappear with the spawning client

Ok, so as simple as it is, I have two players, one is master client other is not.
Each player can spawn in a toilet paper gameobject with pressing E key.
I use, of course, the PhotonView.Instantiate, and it works almost perfectly...
The toilet paper spawns in but only one client can control the toilet paper, and the toilet paper isn't always synced.
That's not even the main problem here. My problem is that the toilet paper is being disconnected as the client which spawned it leaves the game. I don't want that...
People have recommended using some instantiate in scene thing, through a RPC through the masterclient, but that doesn't work neither, so what should I do to fix these problems?
Thanks in advance my dudes :D

Also, please don't treat me as an idiot because I am a newb ;D


  • each object has to send an rpc or to be synchronized it must have a photonview, each photonviewe has an owner like the one inside the object player will have as owner himself for that when you spray with photon you instantiate the toilet paper the owner will be him, and when uscira will eliminate all its owner photoview, tell me what you want to do, if you want the toilet paper to be commanded only by one person I should do, if (photoviewismine), if the toilet paper has a rigidbody with gravity it synchronizes that do not use the transform of defoult it sucks
  • sorry for my english i use google traslate xd
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