[solved] photonView does not exist.

Hello, I updated the plugin for unity from the asset store and changed some stuff. Somewhere along the way the plugin broke >.>. Not sure what happened lets see if someone can help me out.

I have a script that creates a player for the client when he joins the room, The code is as follows:
                 void OnJoinedRoom(){

	void SpawnPlayer(){
		GameObject g = PhotonNetwork.Instantiate(playerBase,new Vector3(0,0,0),Quaternion.identity,0) as GameObject;
		Player play = g.GetComponent<Player>() as Player;
		CameraHandle c = FindObjectOfType(typeof(CameraHandle)) as CameraHandle;
		c.target = g.transform;	
		c.net = this;

This is called on the client so the client has control over his avatar.

The object is instantiated but the photonView doesnt set the ID properly. It outputs the error:
Received RPC "UpdateDestination" for viewID 1000 but this PhotonView does not exist!

The prefab has a photonview and is setup to set the id at runtime. The id reads "2". Which isnt correct.

This happens for all new players joining. Any prefab created before they joined becomes bugged. any ideas?


  • Sorry, Ignore this thread. I had a version mis-mathc. I updated the server and did not update the plugin. This caused a few issues. Once I updated the plugin everything was fine again. Thanks