Photon Voice with 250+ members in same room

I've been using PUN from quite some time, I've a requirement where 250+ people will be in same room at the same time. We've a working setup where multiplayer and photon voice works fine upto 10 members (haven't tested with more than that) I've 3 part question:

1. Is it even possible with PUN and Photon Voice to have 250+ members in same room at the same time listening to speakers and replicating their transforms.
2. Is there a way by which I can test it on my own, cause getting 100/200/300 people to test is very hard for us?
3. How would you suggest me to approach this issue if its not possible with PUN and Photon Voice, I couldn't find any document which supports my requirement.

Please help me out on this one.

Stay Safe!
Shivam Dhoot


  • Hi @ShivamGT,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    1. This is not possible without interest management and network culling.
    2. If you mean server performance tests, you can make a testing solution with or without our stress/load testing packages. More information via email.
    3. Send an email to [email protected] we may have something for you. Don't forget to tell us more about your exciting project.

    So I invite you to send an email to discuss your options.
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