Missing Reference

So I was working with photon 2 and all of a sudden when I re-opened my project, I cant reference the api or something. However, the project compiles & builds as intended and works perfectly, just incredibly annoying. Any ideas?


  • TobiasTobias admin
    This looks like the problem that Unity 2019.3.12 has. Update or downgrade Unity.
    There might be a solution to this in the Unity forum, too.

    Just for clarity: It's not a Photon / plugin issue.
  • Hey,

    Using Unity 2019.4.4 and just updated Photon Pun 2 yesterday and am getting the same behaviour. Scripts say missing assembly reference in VS but Unity is compiling fine.

  • Fixed it by deleting the Photon folder and reinstalling Photon Pun 2 and Photon Voice.

    Must be depreciated scripts causing the issue?
  • TobiasTobias admin
    Hmm. Unusual. Maybe Unity didn't refresh your VS project or VS didn't load it.

    By the way: Don't import PUN 2 and Voice 2 into the same project. Voice 2 includes PUN 2 in the package/import. This makes sure that each part works flawlessly with the other (PUN 2 and Voice 2 get independent updates and while mixing them is usually fine, sometimes it's not due to API changes).
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