Player snaps back to position on movement

I am very new to Photon and so far im enjoying trying to get my game online using it.
However ive come across an issue where I spawn a player entity for each person in the lobby, each player prefab contains two buttons left and right and a script which moves each player.

When any player tries to move either on my phone or on unity browser or my tablet any input results the player in snapping back to the original location.
When all other players leave and there is only 1 player left in the lobby the controls work again, holding left moves left holding right moves right.

Here is a gif of my issue in action.

Thanks for any help in advance.


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    Looking into this I have noticed that photonView.IsMine always returns negative. Trying to find a solution.

    As shown in this gif when two games are running neither player returns IsMine as true.

    This gif shows that when one computer/player leaves. The other player returns IsMine as true and can move

    EDIT - I also realise and apologise for posting in the wrong sub. My bad
  • void Start() {

    This fixed my problem. And setting the PhotonView on player to request.
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