How do a validate the world?

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Ok so I was playing around with the Unity Island demo. I have the island demo compiled and am able to launch the Photon Server and launch the game and connect. I can even run the wingrid to add bots to the world. the catch is that when I add something to the virtual world in the editor like a building... I hit play in the editor and can see all the other players but they cant see the building I am standing on in the editor. It only shows me floating in the air.

So how do I validate that what the player sees or does not see is exactly what should be there? Do I need to attach some piece of code to every object? I think that the world is held client side instead of server side. would it be crazy for things like buildings and objects to stay on the server side of things? How do I do that?

Sorry I am new to servers and whatnot.


  • Tobias
    In the end, anything that's not static (in the client AND server) needs to be synced somehow. So yes, you need code that updates all clients and the servers of any change there is: new houses, rocks, doors and of course the player and enemy positions.
    With Photon, we hope to make development of such a system easier, but it's not a complete, out of the box MMO solution.

    If noone else here is working on the same tasks as you, you can probably join forums like those on and get general help and guidance. Often, this forum is just used to solve very specific issues.