Mac build from Windows


I am having quite a bit of difficulty making a build for a mac from a windows computer.
I have quite a few years experience with Photon, Unity and C# in general so you may use accurate and specific terms.

In order to reproduce the issue I am having :
  1. On a windows development pc (well over the specs needed for anything)
  2. Running latest stable Unity : 2019.3.13f1
  3. And latest Photon voice package from asset store : 2.16.1
  4. Using only the voice proximity demo scene in the build settings
  5. Create a build for Mac OS X, send it to the mac
  6. Run the app on the mac.
  7. Also run on the windows machine (editor or build)
  8. Experience laggy movement and no voice comms.
It all works fine when just windows is involved.
If more information is needed please ask, the project has devolved to the point where photon voice is the only thing a fresh project. so I would be happy to send any data needed.

Many thanks in advance


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