raiseEvent WebHook Not Working

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I'm trying to use the WebHook for raiseEvent but the server never receives the call. webForward is set to true:
raiseEvent(1, {foo:"bar"}, {webForward: true})

The server receives all other hooks correctly, including OnGameProperties when webForward is true:
myRoom().setCustomProperty("foo", "bar", true)

The app is set to Realtime, WebHooks 1.2, with IsPersistent=true, PathEvent=OnEvent, PathGameProperties=OnGameProperties.

The raiseEvent call is received correctly in OnEvent.

Any idea what else I might be missing to get this working?


  • Will2X
    edited May 2020
    webRpc works at least, so I can use this instead, doubling up calls if needed. It would be nice if the documentation matched the functionality though.
  • We have a server-side bug preventing web forwarding. We are working on a fix.