Needing some help with VRIK (Oculus Quest)

I hope this isn't a repost somewhere but I looked around before making this. To give some back info I'm not new to VR development but very new to networking (Went through the tutorial).

Currently using PUN2 and VRIK to put two players in a room and see each other move. I have Photon Transform Views on my UnityXRCameraRig, Left Controller, and Right Controller targets. All VRIK values are set correctly.

However, when I join with another player they are able to see me move with my character but I can't see them move. Their player model is stuck in T-Pose. Do I need to update something in SerializeView? I'm hoping somebody can help with this. Been pulling my hair on this one lol

Let me know if uploading pics of my setup will make it easier. Thanks in advance!



  • codycody
    edited May 2020
    I can get it working without VRIK, but I believe I am missing something still.
  • bumping on this since I'm dealing with same confusion. Not sure when photon view is enough, and when I would need an rpc for the position/rot
  • @ilemi So I have recently been able to get two instances of players in the game. Now my only problem is that one player controls the movements for the other as well. I believe we need to use something like this but I am not entirely sure.
            //Setup local player
           //disable something here so we dont control the other player. 
  • Hmm that's odd. I'm guessing its cause technically OVR controller is acting as the player manager script, maybe we wrap all of those scripts with IsMine?

    Also, how did you get them in the same game? I can't figure out how to get player to join the same room. My discord is ilemi#0298 if you want to talk there.
  • Figured it out. Had to manually update positions but it took some time since I'm using Unity XR input.
  • I am having a similar issue with the XR Interaction Toolkit.
    Did you have to put PhotonView.IsMe somewhere inside the XR Interaction Manager script?
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