[Solved] Keep the connection when debug flash/AIR client?

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Hi everyone! I'm new to Photon and I face a problem: Client always got disconnected after resume client when debug. I can debug smartfox2x client without problems. Can you point me the way to solve that? :idea:


  • smartfox likely uses unrealistically long timeout timeframes hence doesn't drop the connection.
    Photon has a 5s timeout by default so if you lock the application and hence networking for more than that you get disconnected and need to reconnect again
  • Thanks you. How to adjust default timeout? I try to increase value of MinimumTimeout in PhotonSever.config from 5000 to 30000, but no success. :|
  • You have to set the inactivityTimeout on the TcpListner ... Minimum- and Maximum-Timeout are specific to Enet (UdpListener):
  • Thanks you