Photon needs to have 200 ccu subscription

Plugin is very dynamic and easy to use but.

I know its business I subscribe for $100 for 100 ccu (means 100 players maximum a game)
but my players are 120-180;

I subscribe for 500 ccu for pun and chat for $140 so I have 600 ccu in total.
Its quite heavy for me. beacuse I have a 450-400 free ccu that I dont use and Im paying monthly cost for $140
for 20-80 additional ccu.

What Im trying to say is, hope you can provide a 200 ccu
which cost around 65 usd for pun and chat monthly. half of the price of 500 ccu

IM GOING TO CANCEL MY 500 CCU $140 MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION, my excess player 20-80 will not be able to play the game.

if you make what I sed (200 ccu), Im sure lots of devs experience this. I will renew my subscription.


  • tataygames
    edited April 2020
    Imagine there are 50 developers or indies thats experiencing this like me and wants only 200 ccu for a cheaper price, because they dont want to consume 500 ccu a game for $140 usd monthly. but they are willing to pay $60 usd monthly for 200 ccu

    50 Developers x $60 for 200 ccu = $3000 usd monthly
    $3000 usd X 12 months ( 1 year ) = $36000 usd ( yearly loss )

    Imagine if there is 100 devs like me willing to pay $60 monthly for 200 ccu but not $140 for 500 ccu
    that is a loss of "$72,000 a YEAR".


    And note this, not every country has the same rate of money like on western country do in earning trough apps so we dont earn as western country do. so we really needed a more efficient deal

  • please write your request to [email protected]

  • tataygames
    edited May 2020
    thanks will do.
    This will help them, and developers at both ways, for sure
  • We do not have plans for such an offer, sorry.