Photon Voice problem

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I am using photon voice for my game , i have some issue.
1. when two or more devices connected it starts to make huge noise.
2. While i am speaking it hears back for me that i am speaking things (Debug echo is false)
3. While testing in android device , some warning pops out speaker is not linked with 1/2. In application only one person voice is able to hear,it is not two way communication.


  • Hi @muthu,

    I apologize for the delay sometimes we miss some discussions.

    What Photon Voice version is this?
    Does the demo scenes work well for you?

    What Photon microphone type do you use?
    When you test using two devices/clients (or from Editor / standalone build and another device/build/client), to have the devices far enough from each other so the microphone of one does not get the output sounds from the speaker of the other.

    Our usual recommended steps to try to reduce echo or noise:

    - native audio input plugin: try Photon microphone type.
    - software audio processing (WebRTC based): try WebRtcAudioDsp component attached to the same GameObject as the Recorder, enable AEC / AEC Mobile or NoiseSuppression.
    - if echo or noise stays, we can't do much about it other than suggesting to add a UI message to your users that usage of headphones is recommended for a better audio experience like many other popular games do.
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