MasterClient switch behavior when client.disconnect() is called with a room with a non zero TTL


This question is about the demo_iPhone_loadBalancing_swift demo. When I do the following :

1. Device A (player number 1) creates room with the following room options (note the non zero TTL)
let options = EGRoomOptions(true, true, 0, nil, nil, "lobbyName", EGLobbyType_DEFAULT, 2 * 60 * 1000)
2. Device B (player number 2) joins room
3. Device A calls client.disconnect().

Device B has leaveRoomEventAction called. When I check for the master client like so :
let masterID = networkLogic.client.currentlyJoinedRoom.masterClientID
self.demoView.log(String(format: "masterID : %d", masterID))

I get :
masterID : 1

I was expecting the masterClientID to have changed to 2 even with a non zero TTL. It appears that the master client didn’t switch. Is this the expected behavior?

If yes, are there any Photon configuration settings that I can set to permit the masterClientID change before the time out?


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