Pun2 Chat Demo App ID

Trying to check out Photon Server and Pun, imported PUN in my unity project, loaded the DemoChat scene, pointed to my Photon Server, clicked start and it says I need to set the chat app ID in the PhotonServerSettings file in order to continue.

I'm not sure where this file or what the chat app id is.

The only setting files in the Folder are...

And neither of these show any kind of App ID's

Thanks for any help!


  • I assume you need the Chat SDK to get the Chat Demo working that comes with Pun2
  • Hi @jwlewis777,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    PUN2 already includes Photon Chat yes.
    However Photon Chat works only with Photon Cloud, unlike PUN which can connect to your self-hosted Photon Server.
    See here.
  • Ahhhh thank you very much!
    I appreciate the info and the help!
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