IL2CPP with Photon Microphone

I had an issue with Photon voice where sound input of Android users was not received on other devices. I fixed it by switching the microphone type from Photon to Unity. However, the Photon mic type was really useful previously due to its echo cancellation feature. My question is does Photon Voice currently support IL2CPP? If not, will we get the feature in the near future?

(Using Unity 2018.4.10f1 with latest version of Photon Voice 2, if that matters)


  • Hi @Stribog,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    We have tested IL2CPP support on Windows.
    We will investigate and try to reproduce the issue on Android.
  • Thank you!
    If it helps, I noticed that the Audio Source on the GameObject the Photon Speaker was attached to didn't get an audio clip automatically assigned to it when using the Photon microphone type.
  • Hi @Stribog,

    I could not reproduce.
    I built for Android with IL2CPP using Unity 2018.4.11f and Photon Voice 2.14 and it works.
    I tried DemoVoiceUI scene.

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