Are the Realtime docs out of date?


I've been going through the realtime docs, and the code samples are giving me compiler errors. Are there more up to date docs somewhere?



  • Hi @Roldan,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    We try our best to keep the docs up to date but sometimes we miss a few things here and there.

    If you could share the snippet & compile errors with us we could fix it for everyone!
    Thank you for your understanding & patience!
  • Roldan
    edited March 2020
    Sure! I stopped going through the docs when I saw that it might be out of date, but here are the ones I noticed off the bat.

    OpCreateRoom appears to have different parameters than those shown in the code samples.

    It doesn't seem the ~MyClient() destructor is working, I'm still connected after exiting play mode.

    Also this snippit is crashing unity, if this is running on the main thread, wouldn't that make sense?

    while (!shouldExit)
    Thread.Sleep(100); // wait for few frames/milliseconds

  • Hi @Roldan,

    The C# Realtime snippets were not meant for Unity but we will take this into consideration now thanks to your feedback.
    Our first class citizen Unity SDK is PUN, PUN 2 is already built on top of Photon Realtime Unity API.
    So go ahead and use PUN 2 and browse its documentation, it's more up-to-date.

    Otherwise, I will fix the other issues.

    Thanks again for your feedback.