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I am currently using the native api, is there a way to store a small data file on the server?


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    edited March 2020
    Hi @ChrisB.

    You can not store data directly on the Photon Cloud servers without writing a server side Plugin that does so. Server plugins are only available with Photon Enterprise Cloud and when you self-host with the Photon Server SDK. In the latter case you can also modify the server side LoadBalancing application itself to add this functionality, but using the plugin API is simpler.

    An option that is also available with Photon Public and Premium Cloud is to use Client::opWebRpc() and set up webhooks in your Photon dashboard. The client can this way send data to the Photon servers to store data on or request stored data from the server. However that data won't be stored on the server itself, but the server will forward it to an external storage that you have to provide and with which the server communicates via HTTP.

    You can find more information about Photon WebRPCs at
  • @Kaiserludi Thank you!
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